MAT MAY 2016 ANALYSIS 01-May-2016


Total Questions: 200

Total Marks: 200

Time: 150 minutes

Sections: 5 (40 questions each)

The offline entrance exam for MAT was conducted on 1st may 2016. The level of difficulty for the exam was moderate. The exam comprised 200 questions divided into 5 sections namely Quantitative Ability, English Language, Data Analysis and Data Sufficiency, Reasoning Ability and General Knowledge. All sections were having 40 questions with 40 maximum marks each, which were to be attempted in 150 minutes. Each correct answer fetched 1 mark and there was a penalty of 0.25 marks for every wrong answer.

The questions were multiple choice questions with four choices:

Section 1 (Language Comprehension): Comprised 40 questions of moderate difficulty. The major part of the questions was based on Reading Comprehension (20-25), along with Jumbled sentences, basic grammar correction and one word substitution.

Section 2 (Mathematical Skills): Comprised 40 questions. This section can be rated from moderate to difficult. However, the candidates with adequate preparation and better calculation skills could have solved them easily as these were questions on basic concepts of Numbers, Time and work, Geometry, Time Speed Distance, Percentage and SI-CI etc.

Section 3 (Data Analysis and Data Sufficiency): This section comprised 30 questions of DI (6 sets 5 questions each) of moderate level and 10 questions of Data Sufficiency.

Section 4 (Intelligence and Critical Reasoning): These 40 questions were also of moderate difficulty level which tested the candidate’s logical ability. It also included the questions of type Assertion-Reason and Statement-Conclusion.   

Section 5 (Indian and Global Environment): Comprised 40 questions mainly based on Current Events, which could be attempted within a period of 5-10 minutes if prepared well.

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