Teachers are the backbone of a coaching institute. We at Kings education, have a Strong, Highly Qualified, Stable and Experienced Faculty Team who other than delivering lectures on the subjects, evaluates, constantly motivates and supports students throughout their preparation.

Anil Sharma

Anil Sharma has done his B.Tech from IIT Roorkee. After a brief foray into the corporate sector, he found his natural calling in the field of management Education where he has firmly ensconced himself for the last 16 years. In fact he immersed himself so deeply into the management entrance sector that he has become a brand into himself in Rajasthan as far as quant section of CAT and MCA is concerned. Further he is the only expert in Rajasthan for training for MCA entrance examinations. With an inborn dexterity to play with numbers and a flair for higher mathematics, he is second to none in the country for teaching the quantitative techniques required for CAT and MCA entrance tests.


R. K. Singh is a B.A (Honours), an MA and an  MBA  and is an alumnus of the famous institutions like St. Stephens & Hansraj College (Delhi) and  IRMA (Gujarat). A veritable storehouse of knowledge of diverse fields and with a rich experience in academic and administrative positions, he is famous for his command over language, verbal, logic and GD & PI training. His use of novel methodologies and strategic concepts in enhancing verbal skills of the candidates and completely overhauling their personality has elicited wondrous praise from the student community. A terrific orator, he has developed a Mnemonic bank of 15000 English words which he uses profusely in his training sessions.

Anil Shrimali

Anil Shrimali received his B. Tech from MBM College Jodhpur  and immediately after that plunged straight into the world of MBA entrance training. Popularly known as the wizard of reasoning; he mesmerizes his trainees by teaching them quick fix solutions and simplification of seemingly intractable problems. He has a fetish for creating and solving agonising puzzles and head spinning problems. Having an equal hold over quantitative ability and reasoning sections he emerges as the most versatile mentor for the aspirants of CAT/MAT/SSC and other MBA entrance examinations. With his innovative strategies and fresh ideas he effortlessly removes the fear of mathematical reasoning from the minds of the students in a few sessions.