Management has become a popular career choice among students after they complete their Class 12 exams. In terms of popularity, it competes with other fields such as Engineering, Medicine and Law career. A student can choose from a variety of choices, including:

  • 5 Year Course: The IPM (Integrated Program in Management) offered by IIM Indore, Rohtak, Bodh Gaya, Ranchi and Jammu allows interested candidates to complete their BBA and MBA Courses together.
  • 3 Year Course: Courses like the BBA, BMS and BBM fall under this category and are offered by several colleges across the country with NMIMS, Symbiosis, Delhi University (DU JAT) being some of the most prominent colleges.

IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak conduct their national-level aptitude test once every year. The admission process consists of the IPMAT, clearing the cut-off for which students will be shortlisted WAT & PI, respectively. IIM Rohtak will conduct a Personal Interview to test further the students based on their communication skills, educational background and general awareness. Apart from IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak, three more IIMs have introduced IPM in their curriculum. From the academic year 2021, IIM Ranchi, IIM Bodh Gaya and IIM Jammu have also admitted students to the IPM programme. IIM Jammu and IIM Bodh Gaya accept JIPMAT scores, whereas IIM Ranchi accepts SAT and IPMAT scores.

IIM Indore: IPMAT Exam Pattern
Section Number of Questions Marks Allotted Time
Quantitative Ability (MCQ):
20  80 30 Minutes
Quantitative Ability (SA): 10  40 30 Minutes
Verbal Ability: 30
120 30 Minutes
Total 60 240 90 minutes
Calculation of scores:

\({\rm{Score}}\;{\rm{in}}\,\,{\rm{QA}}\,{\rm{(MCQ) = }}\left( {\cfrac{{{\rm{Candidate's}}\;\,{\rm{score}}\; - {\rm{Minimum}}\;\,{\rm{score}}}}{{{\rm{Maximum}}\;\,{\rm{score}}\; - {\rm{Minimum}}\;\,{\rm{score}}}}} \right) \times {\rm{25}}\)

\({\rm{Score}}\;{\rm{in}}\,\,{\rm{QA}}\,{\rm{(SA) = }}\left( {\cfrac{{{\rm{Candidate's}}\;\,{\rm{score}}\; - {\rm{Minimum}}\;\,{\rm{score}}}}{{{\rm{Maximum}}\;\,{\rm{score}}\; - {\rm{Minimum}}\;\,{\rm{score}}}}} \right) \times {\rm{25}}\)

\({\rm{Score}}\;{\rm{in}}\,\,{\rm{VA}}\,{\rm{(MCQ) = }}\left( {\cfrac{{{\rm{Candidate's}}\;\,{\rm{score}}\; - {\rm{Minimum}}\;\,{\rm{score}}}}{{{\rm{Maximum}}\;\,{\rm{score}}\; - {\rm{Minimum}}\;\,{\rm{score}}}}} \right) \times {\rm{50}}\)

Final Score = Sum of all the above score.